Due to COVID-19 Little Tanks is currently closed until further notice.

We hope that you and your families are staying healthy and you are continuing to use this time at home to enjoy some family activities.

Further to the government guidelines regarding pupils going back to school on a phase return basis it is not viable to resume Little Tanks, as hoped, for the summer term 2020. The schools are currently under an enormous amount of pressure to ensure the children can return safely. The safety of your children and their well-being are far too important during this pandemic and focusing on getting that right is paramount.

Therefore, our main focus, is restarting Little Tanks in September in whatever form we can achieve. Of course, we will ensure we are COVID-19 safe but will also be looking into virtual lessons or a different space at the schools if necessary.

An email has been sent to all the parents that have paid for the summer term with your options, so do contact me if you haven’t received the details.

In the meantime, Little Tanks would like to keep your children entertained with some free drama fun at home. After half term on the 1st of June, I will be sending a new drama activity* each week on the day your child would normally attend the class. This means they can still access some of the Little Tanks magic until we can be in the classroom again. Please click here for the Tableau activity to get you started. Do let me know if you would prefer not to receive these weekly activities.

Also feel free to share any drama activities that your child is up to and if you are happy to do so I can share them on our Little Tanks Facebook page. I will ensure I have received permission before posting.

Take care & Kindest Regards

Debi Rush

 *in collaboration with @rotherswaindrama 

Little Tanks After School Drama club was established by Debi Rush and has been successfully running and growing for the past 15 years. The clubs are aimed for primary aged children within primary schools.

Children of various ages can attend the clubs during term time only for a course fee to help build confidence and work towards a small scale production to be performed to the parents at the end of the term.

The performance will be a presentation of what the children have been working on for the term. Props, costume and music are supplied to encourage the children and ensure the performance is fun and bright.

The Little Tanks courses are designed to encourage children to express themselves through drama and enjoy an after school activity that is creative and fun.

The Little Tanks courses are enrichment for schools that choose to pioneer extra curricular activities at no cost or management from the school.

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