Covid-19 FAQs

To ensure Little Tanks can begin operating in schools safely, these additional safety measures FAQ’s have been set out in accordance with the current government guidelines. Please note this document is subject to change along with any new government guidelines set to keep our staff, children, parents and schools safe.

Q. Will the same rules apply to every school?
A. We will continually work closely with each school and ensure that our new safe practise guide is in line with their policies, bubbles and procedures. The safety of all children, staff and parents is our key focus.

Q. Will Little Tanks be accommodating if schools have staggered finish times?
A. We will liaise with each school and ensure a plan is in place for this and have our Little Tanks team on site ready to receive the children at the earliest finish time. Please can you confirm your child’s year group and class when making your booking for this process to be as smooth as possible.

Q. Will Parent collection change?
A. Our parent collection procedure will remain the same with the tutor releasing children to the correct parent one by one, however we must ask parents to socially distance and wear a face covering (unless you are exempt) while waiting to collect your child.

Q. How will Little Tanks work within the school’s bubbles?
A. We will work with each individual school and do whatever is required to be in line with their active bubble policy, agreed by the head teacher. To start with we will only be accepting 15 applications/pupils per course

Q. How will the weekly sessions be planned?
A. Drama games and activities will be adapted to suit the layout of the bubbles within the drama space. The children will be engaged in activities to get them moving their body, using their voices and imaginations. We will begin with working solely on a theme of activities that aim to build confidence and well-being, which I believe is currently paramount for all children.

Q. Will there be an end of term show for the summer term 2021?
A. We will be focussing on developing the children’s confidence, well-being and having fun this term. Whilst we can normally do this and produce a play, we have decided to fully focus on this and stick within the safety of the government guidelines by not having too many people indoors on the last session.

Q. What other measures will be in place for a safe return to Little Tanks?
A.  Tutors will arrive in time to wipe down the touch points for the drama space and again at the end of the session. Windows and doors will be opened throughout the session. Equipment will not be shared. Hand sanitiser tissues and antibacterial wipes will be available for staff, children and parents. Signs will be in place to help remind children and parents of our measures to keep us all safe.

Q. Will staff be tested for COVID-19?
A. Our current team are being tested at least once a week sometimes twice a week which is logged on the government website and communicated with the company director.

Q. What happens if a child or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?
A. The current guidelines of test and trace will be adhered to and you will be required to self-isolate for the recommended days (currently 10 days). Unfortunately, Little Tanks cannot offer refunds for any sessions missed by a pupil in self-isolation. However we will aim to make up any lost sessions if the whole group are required to self-isolate at the same time. This will be subject to availability and agreed with the school so will not be guaranteed although an option to conduct the session on Zoom would be a considered alternative.

Q. Will Little Tanks be just as fun with all these new measures in place?
A. Yes! Little Tanks has adapted and evolved over the past few months and we have all risen to the challenge coming up with new ways to work and ensure the children are engaged. Our ethos ‘Building Confidence Through Drama’ is still being adhered to every lesson whether that be online or in the classroom. We have come up with lots of new games and activities that will ensure the children are having fun as well as some familiar games with a new twist!