Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many places are there per course?
A. Each course can take 20 children. If you are unsuccessful in gaining a space this term your child’s name will go on a waiting list for the next term.

Q. How will I know if my child has secured a place on the course?
A. If you have not been successful to gain a place, you will be notified immediately. Otherwise you will receive a confirmation email within a couple of days as receipt of your application

Q. How will I know if there is a space available before I send off my form?
A. The only way to secure a place is to send the completed form and the fee. You will be notified immediately if there are no spaces available. Your child’s name will go on a waiting list and the fee returned.

Q.  If my child is too young can their name be put on a waiting list?
A. Yes. There is a waiting list procedure for each course. After the current members have decided if they want to attend the following term the remaining spaces are opened up to those on the waiting list before the public or the rest of the school.

Q. I’ve returned my form and fee but how do I know when the next course starts?
A.  Confirmation emails outlining the course commencement date will be sent out a week before it is due to start.

Q. Can my child attend a trial session to see if they like it first?
A. Unfortunately Little Tanks does not offer this facility as there are only 20 spaces per session it is not fair on those who may be on the waiting list and want to join.

Q. If my child cannot continue the course for any reason will I get a refund?
A. If it is within the first 5 weeks of the course and there is a waiting list you will get a refund for the sessions unattended. However if it is after 5 weeks or there isn’t a waiting list no refund will be given.

Q. I’ve signed my child up for a term with Little Tanks but it clashes with another after school activity can I please cancel my place?
A. Yes. If there is a waiting list and the place can be filled a full refund will be offered. However if there isn’t a waiting list and the course hasn’t yet started a 50% refund will be given.

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